Maxlife A3/B4 10W40 5L
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Maxlife A3/B4 10W40 5L

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Valvoline MaxLife engine oils are specially formulated to prevent the symptoms of older engines such as oil leaks, deposits, wear and soot. Specially formulated composition for higher mileage engines, suitable for diesel, petrol and LPG gas engines. The unique seal care agent improves the elasticity of the seals. This reduces and helps prevent oil leaks. Additional cleaning additives reduce harmful deposits that are characteristic of the older engine and prevent the formation of new deposits. High-quality base oil and a combination of unique MaxLife additives ensure optimal lubrication. This helps extend engine life. Quality requirements and applications: API SM, SN/CFACEA A3/B4MB 229.3Renault RN0700/0710VW 50200/50500Fiat 9.55535.G2 and D2

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