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Fuel filters clean petrol of all kinds of impurities. Fuels from different manufacturers contain different components, such as dust, water and other impurities. There are many different types of fuel filtration systems and their characteristics vary. 


Types of fuel filters and their functions

A distinction is made between fuel filters as follows

- those that are coarse (or pre-cleaned);

- those which are fine cleaned (finishing).

Diesel vehicles use a separator to extract water and clean up various types of debris. Petrol vehicles do not use such modules, but the fuel pump takes care of the coarse cleaning.

The second stage of the filtration process clearly plays an important role. The fine filter cleans the fuel before it enters the engine. It is installed as a single pump element or as part of the fuel line. How it works:

1. as the fuel enters the coarse filter, it passes through the injector.

2. it then passes through a paper filter screen, which removes the coarse particles, and flows through the intake valve into the engine.

New generation car engines are quite efficient, but to prevent the system from breaking down, you need to fill up with clean fuel, and only really good dealers offer this.

If foreign matter gets into the tank with the petrol, it will soon cause rapid engine wear or engine failure. Fuel must therefore be free of impurities. This can only be achieved by installing high quality products. 


Disadvantages of cheap filters

To keep the whole engine system working optimally, fuel filters need to be replaced in time - so engine parts last a long time.

If your car is fitted with a poor quality filter:

- All the fine particles in the air pass through the coarser filter layer;

- it clogs up quickly because its absorption capacity is low, which quickly renders it unusable;

- A clogged filter will never allow fuel to pass through the system, so the car may not even start;

- if the product is deformed for whatever reason, the petrol is discharged into the engine untreated.

Inadvertent deformation can cause the injector to break. This results in reduced injection and reduced engine performance.

However, this can be avoided by using high quality products. This will ensure that the injection system works properly. 


What should I consider when choosing one?

Having looked at the concept of a fuel filter, it can be concluded that it plays a very important role, which is why it should be chosen with particular care. When choosing from a variety of opposites, it is worth considering the following points:

1. who the manufacturer is - it is advisable to buy models that are well known on the world market and for which reviews are available.

2. the density and rigidity of the material used to make the filter should be taken into account. Its fuel permeability must be good.

3. The size of the fine particles in the filtration must be taken into account, as this is an important parameter determining the quality of the fraction.

4. the retention of the filter (up to 98% retention for a premium filter) shall be taken into account when determining the guaranteed purity. 


How to choose quality accessories yourself

If the shipper has sealed the box when you buy it, it is possible that the box contains defective products. You should pay attention to the following points when checking the appearance:

The more uniform the thickness of the paper, the greater the filtration efficiency and the less chance of contamination.

2. The higher the quality of the filter, the tighter the winding and the higher the filtration efficiency described in the instruction manual.

3. uniform distribution of debris - this parameter can only be further investigated during testing. If you notice an uneven distribution of debris when replacing an old filter, this is an important sign of a poor quality filter. You should not buy such options to keep your system in good working order. 

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