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Today, a large number of filters have been developed for different needs, including vehicle protection. This is so well established that, for example, without purifying fuel and oil from additives, a car may not start or even break down. There are several types of this component, each with its own function. 


The concept of air filters

Filtration ensures that all the parts in a system work together smoothly. If filters are damaged or missing, there are a number of complications that need to be eliminated to avoid damaging your health or the performance of your car's engine.

The most important function in a car is the function of the air filters - they clean the air that normally enters the engine while driving. The higher the quality, the better the air is cleaned of dust, water, pollutants and other components that enter the engine. It also determines how long the vehicle will last. Air filters reduce noise pollution and ensure air distribution. Products are classified according to the following parameters:

- different shapes (round, square, etc.);

- depending on the way the filtration is carried out (direct flow, oil filter, etc.);

- the type of filter element used;

- the conditions under which it is used;

- the number of filtration stages available.


Replacement schedule

How long will it take to remove the filter? There is no clear answer. Manufacturers can only give a recommendation on the lifetime of their products, while actual conditions can vary widely. For example, the filter system of a car manufactured in Russia should be checked every 10 000 km. 

But you should also consider the conditions in which it will work, if it is winter, there is no dust season in the city and it makes no sense to replace it just because the required period has elapsed. But there are other situations when the car is driven on rough roads and then after five thousand kilometres the filter becomes unusable.Signs that a part needs replacing:

1. Fuel consumption in the tank is increasing.

2. A lot of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

3. the engine's power has dropped sharply.

If these indicators are observed, it is time to replace the filter, as the cost is not that expensive - compared to buying a new engine.


Other models of filtration equipment

1. The following types of filters are also available:

2. Fuel filters - these clean the fuel from rust, dirt and other small particles; protect against water ingress (snow or condensation) in winter. During refuelling, water may enter the fuel tank. Solids are often deposited on the nozzles and injectors and this has a negative effect on the engine propulsion system. 

3. Cabin - used in trucks and cars to purify the air from pollutants, CO2 and other dirt. This 'cocktail' is carried through the air ducts into the passenger compartment and, if it builds up, can be harmful to the health of everyone in the car. However, it is worth paying particular attention to the ability to collect fine air pollutants when buying a device, as this is a very important indicator.  


What are the requirements for choosing a part?

GOST has not neglected the issue of filtration of vehicles, so it is a requirement to remove large quantities of pollutants and various particles. In addition, other points should not be overlooked: 

1. Low air flow resistance.

2. Resistant to the most severe conditions.

3. High load capacity despite small dimensions.

4. Easy installation and removal.

5. Environmentally friendly materials in the component.

6. High pressure operation. 

To find the right filter for your vehicle, check our catalogue, which lists the models and their main parameters. This is the most affordable way to ensure that it is suitable for your car model. Accessories should not be selected according to parameters such as threads, etc., as the flow capacity or working pressure is different for each filter, as is the valve closure. 

If the problem of buying a quality car filter becomes very acute, there is no need to waste time, just leave a request in our section. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of products at the best prices. Thanks to the efficient work of our consultants, you will find the right choice for your individual parameters. Cooperation with manufacturers guarantees the reliability and quality of the goods purchased.

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