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The braking system plays a key role in steering the vehicle. It consists of many interrelated components. Of all the other components, brake discs are the most vulnerable to thermal hazards. Their quality characteristics are therefore: resistance to high temperatures, a good cooling system and, at the same time, low product weight. 


How brake discs work in a brake system

The brake disc and the wheel are connected by a hub. The bearing is used to provide rotational movement. The brake disc is pressed against the brake pads, causing friction which slows down the rotation of the wheel - this causes the wheel to overheat. 

Some are vented with holes to help dissipate the heat generated. Note that the front discs do most of the work during braking. Therefore, they are more susceptible to heat hazards.


Brake disc types

There are several different types, which differ in the different materials they contain. This may depend in particular on the make of the car. The choice must be based on the type of component:

1. 1. 1. They consist of a solid disc, usually with cuts to divert excess material away from the contact surface of the pads and discs. This is the simplest design, usually made of cast iron. The advantages are low cost and ease of manufacture, but the disadvantage is that they heat up too quickly and are usually suitable for older vehicles that are not heavily loaded.

2. Ventilated. They are made of two plates with a perforated and perforated recess between them. The holes are designed to optimise cooling of the system. The holes also remove burnt deposits, moisture and dust. There are two types of perforations: through holes and concealed holes. The former helps the cooling system but reduces the strength of the product. This type of perforation is quite rare. In the second type, the hole is not perforated, which reduces the outflow of gases but maintains the strength of the part. 

There is also another type of plate:

1. One-piece. As the name implies, they are made from a single piece of metal by a casting process.

2. Composite. These plates consist of an outer part made of thin cast iron and a central part made of light metal. The most common are the two- and three-piece designs. The first consists of a core and a rim, while the second consists of a core, an outer rim and an inner rim. They can be moulded, compound or forged, depending on the manufacturing process.

They are light and strong. However, it is quite difficult to find suitable spare parts and a craftsman willing to do the job. The price of this category is sufficiently high on the market. The two parts of the ventilated plate are connected by "ribs", of which there are three types:

- straight - the most common type;

- drop-shaped - these reduce the weight of the product;

- directional - these have the best ventilation coefficient. 


When to change

The extent of wear depends largely on the working conditions. Most drivers recognise the condition of brake discs by certain characteristics. These include: brake pedal vibration, steering wheel vibration, loss of brake fluid, loss of braking power and lateral displacement of the vehicle when stopped. However, it is best to be aware of the ageing time of the discs and replace them at a certain time. This should only be done at the workshop at the first sign of problems.


How to choose the right accessories

Like brake pads, brake discs should be selected according to driving characteristics, vehicle price range and operating environment:

1. The cheapest option is a non-ventilated brake disc. 

2. The cheapest option is ventilated discs, which are more suitable for moderate urban driving. These are available in a range of models.

3. There is a choice of radial discs, which are perforated and have specially positioned air ducts to ensure efficient cooling of the product. 



When selecting brake discs, the operating conditions must be taken into account. It is not recommended to choose models that are not suitable for your vehicle category. If possible, it is advisable to buy brake pads and discs together to avoid paying too much for repairs, as the wear process is uniform and so is the replacement. When choosing a replacement, don't look for a bargain price. You can buy quality brake discs from the dedicated section of our website.

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