Wind deflectors for cars

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The key task of deflectors follows from their name - reflection or cutting off, that is the essence of this product. The design of the products is specially designed for comfortable passage through the dense flow of oncoming air. Some cars are produced with already installed reflectors. In most cases, "windshields" are installed on the doors of the car. Less often on the hood.

Purpose of wind deflectors

Deflectors of side windows contribute to the proper distribution of air flows, as a result, dirt and small debris do not harm the view and protect the glass. In addition, the deflector prevents rain from entering the cabin, and you can open the window. When driving with the window ajar, the oncoming wind will not hit your face. Additional shading on windshields protects from sunlight 

Installed on the hood deflector allows you to reduce the probability of damage to the hood or windshield by small pebbles. Including avoiding an emergency situation when mud is flying from under the wheels of the car in front.

How to choose a wind deflector

Wind deflectors for cars must fit tightly to the car body. Therefore, when choosing, you should pay attention to their geometric features, so that the angles and curves exactly coincide with the curves of the body. The choice in favor of the original products gives you a guarantee not to make a mistake during the operation. When fitting universal deflectors there is a chance that they will be installed incorrectly and will be damaged when meeting with the next stone.

In terms of importance, in second place is the method of fixing the product. Since car bodies are unique, there is no universal deflector for all hoods, but the most popular way of installation is the use of gaskets and clips. 

For windows, things are different:

1. Screw connection. This installation requires drilling holes in the door frames of the car.

2. Mounting with clamps. This option is one of the most common.

3. Gluing on an elastic double-sided gasket. Like the previous option, is in great demand.

There is also a combined method of attachment, but car owners prefer to install reflectors, for which it is not necessary to spoil the body.

Do not neglect the strength of the material from which they are made. A quality product must be able to withstand constant heavy loads. For example, carbon ones will be an excellent option in terms of durability. 

Installation of deflectors

As a rule, the installation of the product does not cause difficulties, the main thing is to thoroughly wash and degrease the surface before mounting them. Independent installation of the "wind deflector" on the hood is not recommended. 

Buying wind deflectors in our store you can be sure in the high level of service. Our staff will be happy to advise you the best choice for your car, explain in detail the installation or, if necessary, install them for you. 

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