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The heart of the vehicle is the engine. It is necessary to protect it from overheating and from friction, which destroys the unit. To do this, the mechanism is filled with engine oil, which acts as a protector of internal combustion engine parts, otherwise they will break down.

Composition of the material

Motor lubricants consist of base oils + additives that improve its properties. The liquid, consisting of a special composition, "envelops" the metal parts, so they do not come into contact, there is no friction between them.

Features of oils:

- the lubricant is viscous; 

- the greases differ in their chemical composition; 

- have different technical parameters.

Liquids are selected for a particular brand of car.

Types of oils

Engine oils come in:

- mineral;

- semi-synthetic;

- synthetic. 

The first are based on natural petroleum products and designed for gasoline vehicles. The latter are characterized by a mineral base with an admixture of synthetic additives. These are semi-synthetics, where 70 % are natural oil products and 30 % - artificial. 

Synthetic oils, created on the basis of a variety of compounds, are distinguished by enhanced performance. Neither extreme temperatures nor climatic fluctuations affect the viscosity. Synthetics reliably protect internal combustion engines from overheating. 

Application of

Lubricants are used in passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and minibuses. Technical fluids are suitable for all types of engines. There are winter, summer and universal greases with a level of protection. The latter are used all year round, they are in high demand. 

Pay attention to the technical parameters of the selected oil. It must meet the requirements of the engine manufacturer. If selected incorrectly, the lubricant will not perform its direct functions, laid down by the company-manufacturer.

Remember, the functionality and service life of the "iron horse" depends on the fuel mixture. Pay attention to the products, to the quality of workmanship:

- how the adhesion seams of the canister look;

- whether there are elements fastening the lid;

- whether there is a label;

- whether there are documents confirming the quality certificate.

There are different brands of auto oils, they are presented in large numbers, their characteristics depend on the suppliers. In addition to original products, there are analogues, replacing similar auto oils, almost the same as the original. Engine oil is chosen for any type of car.

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