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In the store top1 autovaruosad you are presented with a catalog in which you will find the necessary tools at low prices. In addition, the site is equipped with a convenient and easy search engine, thanks to which you can effortlessly find the product you need. For your convenience, the tools are arranged in special sets.

Before you choose a particular set, we recommend that you listen to the following advice:

1) Take note of what tools are included in a kit. The tools that are used in repairing household appliances will not work for car repairs, so use the kits only for their intended purpose.

2) For convenience, buy kits that are suitable for the type of work you need. Such kits will include additional attachments and other items in addition to the basic tools.

3) Do not skimp on the purchase of necessary goods, quite often the cheap tools are poorly made and therefore quickly fall into disrepair.

4) Choose the material of the case, drawer or bag in which the tools are placed, depending on the working conditions. For work in the car repair shop, a case made of plastic is suitable, which has the advantage of lightness and relative durability.

5) Pay attention to the weight and size of the set, choose in advance a place to store it.

6) We recommend choosing sets of waterproof material to avoid the emergence of corrosion.

7) It is better to buy cases or suitcases that are equipped with a lock to avoid accidental opening of the case and dropping out of the tools.

8) Choose cases with handles so they are easy to carry.

In the catalog of the store top1 autovaruosad you can find and subsequently buy kits that are suitable for different activities.

Complete sets for working with electricity

A set of tools that will find its application when working with electrical wiring, because it includes devices that ensure safety. Also a large number of different screwdrivers will help in assembling furniture, fixing baseboards, etc. Universal pliers are used for gripping any parts, clamping or holding tight.

Pliers set

These sets differ from the others in that they contain only pliers. The advantage of a set is the variety of pliers that are suitable for both electrical work and car repairs.

Appliance Repair Kit

For mechanics, a universal set for repairing small appliances is great. The extension arm is used when you can't reach a bolt that needs to be unscrewed with a wrench. The peculiarity of the set is the possibility to use it to open the SIM card hatch.

In the catalog of our store you can choose any of the presented kits, or pick up a set with the required number of these or those tools.

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