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Air-hydraulic suspensions stand out among the suspensions on the market. They are among the best of their kind and are used to equip commercial vehicles or imported premium segment vehicles. However, for low-cost vehicles, they are the most commonly used type of suspension. 


What are the advantages of air suspension?

This type of component has a number of advantages that cheaper analogues do not have. These include:

- Resistance to road irregularities;

- No extraneous noise during vehicle travel;

- rigidity can be adjusted by simply changing the pressure of some of the pneumatic elements;

- The suspension helps to adjust the vehicle's clearance;

- protecting the vehicle from the effects of loads;

- Keeps the body in the correct position when driving on slopes;

- Forced lowering of the trunk of an off-road vehicle when a large number of items are loaded into it;

- Smoothing the impact effect when hitting obstacles.

All these benefits can be realised in a specific car model by simply fitting an airbag and compressor as an option. 


Types of air-hydraulic suspensions

There are three types of vehicle air suspension:

1. One type: single axle. One-axle air suspension. Here, two cushions are adjusted simultaneously. This allows any part of the vehicle to be released by the air suspension. It is mostly used for installation in small trucks and vans - in the rear axle area. It is budget-friendly, allows the body to be kept at the same level while driving and is easy to install. 

2. The next type of suspension is the double suspension. It is characterised by the fact that it allows pressure to be adjusted in the cushions located on one axle of the rear axle. This type of component makes it possible to keep the load box in the optimum position even in uneven road conditions without any problems. Suitable for installation on all-purpose trailers. 

3. The last type of hydraulic air suspension is the four-axle version. It consists of four cushions where the air flow is controlled independently of each other, in a valve block and by means of a separate duct. This system ensures smooth operation of the vehicle. Road conditions are not important. The ground level changes during driving. 


What to look for when choosing an air-hydraulic suspension and its components

When choosing the optimum suspension or its components, it is worth paying attention to the finest details. This will allow you to make the right choice for your vehicle. The following considerations are important before making your purchase

- the dimensions of the vehicle. There are specific suspension parameters for small, medium and large vehicles. These range in diameter from 120 mm to 150 mm. The average length is 190-245 mm;

- Suspension diameters and suspension mountings, which may be: on top of, next to or instead of the suspension;

- for axle mounting. The air-hydraulic suspension can be mounted on any axle. However, each mounting principle has its own advantages. The hose type is the most versatile for mounting on either side. For the rear axle, coated cushions are best suited;

- Capacity, typically between 8 and 20 litres, depending on the make and model of vehicle. 

The type of vehicle is also an important factor in the choice of suspension. For a smaller domestic car, a two-axle system is suitable to help reduce the front end. It is equipped with struts mounted on the front end. For a small bus or SUV, a single-axle system with two pads per axle is suitable. For comfort in the cabin, a four-arm suspension system with sleeves is the best solution. 


Where to buy hydraulic air suspension for your car

If you need to assemble a hydraulic air suspension for your car, you should turn to our shop, which stocks a range of accessories. Here you can buy filters, springs, pads, fasteners, lift axle control valves and level control valves. All products are reliable and reasonably priced compared to competitors, so you can feel comfortable and safe in all road conditions. 

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