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Alloy wheels are the backbone of a car wheel. They are made of an alloy with aluminum. Such wheels are distinguished by their durability. They are also better perceived from an aesthetic point of view. 

From history

The earliest alloy wheels have been known since the 1960s. They had a large amount of magnesium in their composition. In the mid-to-late 1960s, aluminum wheel took the place of magnesium. Of the pros of this modernization:

1. Low cost.

2. High performance.

Aluminum rims are usually susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion begins to eat away at them after three to five years. They are more difficult to repair than steel ones. Light alloy wheels are more expensive to produce compared to standard steel wheels. However, they began to spread in 2000 and are now offered on economy and subcompact vehicles. Light alloy wheels are included as standard equipment for luxury vehicles. The high cost of alloy spares attracts thieves; to combat mass theft, manufacturers and dealers have begun using locking nuts, bolts that require a special key to remove.


Most light alloy products are made using castings; there are rims that are made through forging. Forged ones tend to be lighter and stronger, but their cost is higher.

Also produced are variants that are dominated by magnesium, popularly they have the name - "magnetic wheels". Originally they were used in racing cars. Here there is an alloy of aluminum, plastic and composite. They are used on bicycles, wheelchairs, skateboards. 

Magnesium wheels are no longer produced in pure form, because magnesium suffers from many problems. Nowadays, such components can only be seen on older cars. 

The forging process can be done by a simple or more complex forging method using different types of magnesium alloys (AK80, Q60, MA14). Objects produced by this method are generally stronger than aluminum products, although costs are significantly higher. Forging is a labor-intensive process that involves heating, rolling, high-pressure treatment, and hammering. As a result, changes occur at the molecular level, and the alloy becomes strong and strong.


Choosing the right product is not as easy a procedure as it seems at first glance.

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