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One of the most important parts of any car is the battery. Increasingly, many car owners refer to it simply as a battery. Since it is the battery that keeps your vehicle running, it's worth choosing it responsibly. Several factors are taken into account. Choosing the right battery can help you avoid breakdowns and the need to buy parts again. 


Why do you need to buy a battery?

Many car owners make the mistake of thinking that a battery is only needed to start the car engine. But this is a big misconception because it consumes energy throughout the vehicle's journey. This is where the whole car's electrical system comes into play. The running alternator is used as a charger for the battery itself. 

The battery may drain at the most inopportune times for the following reasons:

- the brushes are worn;

- the rectifier fails;

- The battery is leaking.

However, one of the main causes of battery discharge is its high power consumption. If it happens that the battery stops working, it is worth identifying the exact cause first, so that this does not happen with a new device after purchase. 


What types of batteries are on the market

For car enthusiasts, there are several types of batteries available on the market to suit different car models. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, buyers can choose from the following battery types for their car:

1. This type of equipment requires additional manipulation before use. They are filled with water and then prepared. They are sold under the name of "pre-treatment". They are sold as dry. Batteries and models in this category are also available on the market ready for use. They are already filled with electrolyte and have a nominal capacity. 

2. Maintenance-free. These devices are the most popular among car owners. Their special feature is that they are very durable and resistant to vibration and mechanical shocks. The main thing to keep in mind when buying them is that they do not allow any repairs or modifications. 

3. low maintenance batteries. These battery models are the least popular because they require a lot of attention from the owner. The electrolyte level and density must be constantly checked. The addition of distilled water may also be necessary. 


What to look for when buying a battery

The first thing consumers look for is the capacitance, which indicates how much electricity the battery is capable of providing when used for twenty hours. This is a significant value. As the voltage of the battery increases, the energy needed to start the engine increases significantly. However, it is also important to understand that in some cases it is not necessary to take the batteries out all at once if the car starts badly. Sometimes this is due to problems in the car itself. 

The dimensions and mounting methods in the car are also important. At present, there is no uniform data on these parameters. Before buying a new battery, you should measure the dimensions and determine the type of mounting. The type of mounting arrangement may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Taking these issues into account may avoid the need to return the unit to the retailer at a later date. 

Conditions of use are important for every driver. If the owner lives in severe cold, he or she should look for devices with high electrolyte density. In other cases, the unit should be brought home or warmed up by turning on the high beams or other electrical equipment in the car. 

And to make sure the battery lasts as long as possible, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's usage recommendations before buying. These make batteries more expensive, but will help you find the right device for you. 


Where to buy a battery with the right specifications

To buy a battery with the right specifications, it's worth contacting our shop. We offer reliable models with different specifications. They vary in terms of capacity, mounting types, dimensions and manufacturer. Every motorist will pick up what you need for your car. The prices of all parts are as affordable as possible.

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