EGR valve

Active filters

Automotive exhaust fumes are a mixture of harmful hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Exhaust Gas Recirculation was created to reduce them on gasoline and diesel engines. The system is installed for environmental reasons: NOx concentrations are reduced by up to 50 percent and the discharge of toxic substances into the atmosphere is reduced. 

Purpose of the valve 

The function of the part is to balance the engine. It is made of high-alloy steel that can withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Celsius.

In gasoline-powered engines, the dosage of exhaust gases reduces the rarefaction in the intake manifold, due to this, pump losses are reduced, fuel consumption is lower by 2-3%.

Diesel engines run softer with EGR installation. Soot emission is reduced by ten percent.

Eco-friendliness of a car depends on the "right" work of the internal combustion engine. The vehicle has one of the assemblies built into it that is responsible for emitting harmful substances into the air, and that is the EGR valve.

Feature of the device

The valve is the main part in the EGR system. This node is responsible for the recirculation (return) of exhaust gases. From deposits of soot, it falls into disrepair, and does not close tightly, its jamming occurs, resulting in engine malfunction. 

In gasoline, diesel, gas - all types use EGR. Thanks to the valve, the engine runs smoother and fuel consumption is reduced. It is installed near the intake manifold, so it is negatively affected by exhaust gases.

Causes of failure

Even with proper maintenance of the car, years of operation and mileage affect the condition of the machine. The part wears out and fails. One of the causes of EGR breakdowns is jamming of mechanisms. This causes the engine device to become unusable. Due to contamination of the air filter, piston rings lodging, valve failure occurs.

Due to the malfunction of the node, jerking occurs during acceleration. The idling engine vibrates strongly, the power is reduced, the exhaust is almost black, the fuel consumption increases. These symptoms indicate the contamination of the EGR. The amount of soot in the exhaust gases increases. It sits on the internal walls of the unit body. The soot prevents the valve from opening.

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