Automotive parts by number, code

Automotive parts by number, code

A car consists of a large number of different parts. Each of them has its own number or code, given by the manufacturer. This allows you to easily purchase a spare part for your car at any specialized online store or one located in your city. You can also buy a wide range of parts at our store. In order that money and time was not spent in vain, consider how to find exactly the one that is required for your car. To do this, it is necessary first of all to find the code or number of the part that requires replacement.

Where is the part code and what does it represent?

The code (article number) of an automotive part consists of numbers and Latin letters, or only numbers. It should be noted that Russian letters must not be included. To find the article, it is necessary to carefully inspect the part, since it is stamped on the surface. There is also a duplicate number on the box that contained the car part. In rare cases, the part does not have the possibility of placing the number on the surface, in which case it is placed in the accompanying documentation. It is also recommended to enlist the help of a professional to find the number, as there are non-original parts, available at a price and not inferior in quality to the original.

How to identify a part

There are different ways to find auto parts by code, number:

In any universal catalog on the Internet. The part number is entered into the search line, and then the system automatically gives you the model you need. When entering the code or number you must use only numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. Dots, dashes and similar characters are not taken into account when searching.

Online store. You can find it in the catalog by verifying the number or enter it into the search line, if there is such a possibility, according to the algorithm described above.

Visit an official dealer's showroom. Even if the car was withdrawn from sale, a large number of showrooms keep several types of spare models. Provide the technical passport, and the staff will help you with the search for the right part.

Send a letter of information to the manufacturer. This method is not popular, because it takes more time than the ones described above. But if you have chosen it, it is enough to provide the VIN number of the car in the application.

Used cars and part numbers

However, every third car enthusiast prefers to put non-original parts when they break down, because it is times cheaper. Original car parts are expensive. Their price can be much higher than similar ones, which is not affordable to everyone. Therefore, buying a used car, there is no guarantee that all the parts will be original. Especially if the vehicle has been repaired. Nowadays the search of spare parts by a code or a number is available to everyone, but it is better to let professionals do it. Then you can avoid choosing the wrong part.

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