Catalytic converter

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter in the vehicle has the function of cleaning the harmful emissions. Thanks to this part, the vehicle causes less damage to the environment. Get all the information on this part and place your order online in our store. What is such a part as a catalytic converter, we will consider below.

Components of a catalyst

Catalytic analyzers of the modern format have three components:

1.      The first element combines nitrogen oxides.

2.      The second element removes carbon monoxide.

The third element performs the function of transferring the information about the exhaust gas composition measurement to the on-board computer, a kind of sensor.

All three elements are coated with stainless steel.

Service life

The catalytic analyzer has a relatively long service life of between three and seven years. If you count by mileage, it is 100-150 thousand kilometers. At the end of this time the part needs to be replaced.

The cause of the failure is often a burnout of the casing, which covers the three components of the catalyst of the car, which is absolutely normal. The reason for the failure of the part may also serve engine failure, which causes the burnout of the shell much faster.

In order to diagnose the breakdown in time, it is necessary to check the sensor on the onboard computer, if it lights up, it is time to take action.

Original catalytic converter or an analogue?

Naturally, the original catalytic analyzer is the recommended option when replacing. It guarantees the preservation of all engine operation modes. However, not everyone can afford it, as the price is very high and it is not produced in our country.

In this case there are two options:

- Flame arrestor. An inexpensive way that allows you to either replace the catalytic converter completely, or install it in the old catalytic converter body. This situation can be encountered when buying a used car. Many unscrupulous sellers resort to this method in order to hide the fact of replacing the part. Such substitutes put a big load on the environment and the engine, which leads to another breakdown.

- Universal catalyst. Much more expensive than the first method, but suitable for all car models and works without complaint. It has less impact on the environment and does not overload the engine. The second option is to install new components (honeycomb) in the shell of the old part.

In conclusion, we would like to add: if you have problems with the catalytic analyzer, it is necessary to immediately contact specialists and make a replacement part.

The original part will always be a priority, as it gives guarantees for the further operation of your car. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about similar or replacement parts for the car catalyst. They contribute to accelerated engine failure, as well as you can not get a diagnostic card, and, of course, will cause a big blow to the environment.

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